GHLS-49 Rei Hanamiya – Strongest Robot Monster Heroine Assault Super Lady


Super lady with strong body and super power kicks robots to the curb! But this was a research robot released by Dr. Reigns to collect data on her! The most powerful robot “GIGARDS”, injected with detailed data, surpasses Super Lady in every respect and has overwhelming power. For the first time, Super Lady is shocked to be defeated by force, prevented from escaping, and has a drill dick inserted into her! Her first defeat and her hatred of evil leads her to challenge him to a rematch, but she is severely damaged and further cornered by Gigardes’ various equipment! And Dr. Reigns watches the images with his optical camouflage drone, savoring his own brains and the glory of his victory…. The strongest battle robot to defeat the strongest heroine is born here!

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