GHLS-45 Aya Mamiya – Heroine Perfect Costa Fall Hyper Mammy, Goddess of Huge Enclosed


Hyper Mummy defeats the giant monster Aldebaran and hunts down the Naghur aliens. The cornered Naghur alien becomes smaller and flees. Mammy also chases after the Naghur aliens… Mammy chases after the Naghur aliens and proceeds to an abandoned factory. However, she finds not a Naghur, but another alien. Where did the Naghur aliens go? Answer me! The alien does not answer Mamy’s question, but attacks her. The battle begins. Mammy defeats the alien with her special Hyper Razor. However, another alien attacks Mammy. Mammy defeats the aliens who come one after another… Then the Naghur aliens appear… Mammy tries to defeat the Naghur aliens, but Mammy’s energy is depleted by the repeated battles… Can Hyper Mummy defeat the Naghur aliens and protect the peace of the universe?

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