GHLS-41 Rei Yuino – Giga 25th Anniversary Series 06 Perfect Ranger


Ryoko Momose/Perfect Ranger Pink is one of the “12 Maiden Warriors” with the Goddess Power Stone. For a long time, she had been fighting against Satan Cross, a secret society led by Führer Schwarzenkreuz, but now she has won that battle and is enjoying peace. Then one day, he is attacked by a new enemy organization… Giger, the Great Emperor of Shame, was planning to revive Schwarzenkreuz and Heroine Hunter and steal the Goddess Power Stone owned by Pink! Pink falls into the cunning trap of Schwarzenkreuz and the Heroine Hunter and finds herself in a desperate situation, but the Heroine Hunter, out of hunter’s instinct, dares to let Pink go and tries to hunt her down in her weakened state. Can Perfect Pink really stop the ambition of Giger, the Emperor of Shame?

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