GHLS-40 Akari Niimura – Female executive Vermilya: Hero’s pleasure torture – Seduction of prodigal beautiful skin


Vermilia, the female leader of the super-magic experimental Terrorim group, who has been strengthened by the genes of Sungod. She aims to further power up, and goes after Gekishin Sentai Ity Four’s energy source, Altiora. First, she tricks the good-natured Aiti Yellow into stealing it. Next, she infiltrates the Aiti Four base using the super-magical beastman Herakilos. He bewitched Aiti Blue with his bewitching charm. However, their leader, Aiti Red, caught them and examined their insides. It was then that he was captured by Mesa Light. The maser light multiplied her Altiora, transforming her into Dark Vermilya Ebel, the most powerful of all. Dangerous Aitifor!

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