GHLS-35 Nozomi Arimura – Beautiful Sailor Ares Resurrection! Gerzebub, God of Destruction


Gilchiris, a demon who wants to obtain the love juice of the unsealed Sailor Heroine in order to resurrect the ancient destroyer goddess who was once sealed by Sailor Heroine, sets his sights on Sailor Ares, suppresses her power with a curse, and succeeds in capturing her. Gilchiris makes the strong-minded Sailor Ares feel her passion through relentless torture. Her hands cause Ares’ love juices to flow from between her legs… and after being fucked profusely, she releases a large amount of her love juices. Then Gerzebub, the resurrected God of Destruction, goes on the rampage to devour the soul of the Sailor Heroine, with whom he has a history! Can Sailor Ares stop the God of Destruction?

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