GHLS-30 Kyouko Maki, Naoko Oosako – Female Bodyguard Death Game


Emi Sakamoto, a female bodyguard, was working with a colleague as a bodyguard for Kuroki, who killed the son of a mafia executive. However, due to a betrayal, she is left to protect him alone… She struggles to defeat Kai, the first assassin, but is wounded. Emi hides Kuroki and thinks of countermeasures, but two giant assassins, Gouma, a former judoist, and Queen, a former women’s wrestler, attack her. Emi fights desperately, but is defeated by their overwhelming power and is captured and subjected to intense interrogation. Emi continues to endure as the Queens play with her body, but she takes advantage of an opening in front of her to defeat one of the leaders and succeeds in removing Kuroki as an assassination target. Kuroki learns of this and attacks Emi, who returns with wounds all over her body.

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