GHLS-16 Yui Kawagoe – Tentacle Crucifixion Hell 5 White Wing


Baron Garge, an executive of the Dimensional Demons of Xyran, an organization that plans to rule the earth, creates the demonic beast Tenter in order to destroy the Wing Rangers. However, in order to perfect its ability, a sacrifice was required. Garuge decides to sacrifice White Wing Reika Shiratori. Garuge lures Reika out and attacks her with Tenter, who transforms into Whitewing and fights Reika. Whitewing, though wounded, defeats Garuge, but her tentacles cling to her and trap her inside Tenter’s body, leaving her with wounds all over her body. Attacked by countless tentacles inside Tenter’s body, White Wing is placed in a tentacle crucifix and gradually loses energy. ・・・・

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