GHLS-15 Rima Oohara, Naoko Oosako – Choto-sentai Aura Ranger: The trap of physical examination


Aura Pink Momoka Himemaru, one of the Choto-sentai Aura Rangers fighting against the Parallion Empire, which is plotting to dominate the earth, is attacked by the monster Corbion and begins to struggle against the fighters. To find out if the cause is the reinforced suit or Momoka’s physical body itself, she is sent to a testing facility recommended by the director of the Choto-sentai to have it checked out. However, the Parallion Empire has already taken over the place. Momoka, unaware of this, endures a grueling examination. However, the inspector begins to play with Momoka’s body. When Momoka realizes that something is wrong, she is unable to move her body and is forced to do as she is told.

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