GHLS-13 Manami Oura – Heroine Hell Beautiful young girl warrior Sailor Trinitia


Minami Takaoka, aka Sailor Trinitia, has been protecting the peace of the city by transforming herself into Sailor Trinitia with the power of the Master Force, a legendary treasure passed down from the super-ancient civilization of Lemuria. One day, a member of the Trinitia Fan Club of Nippugaoka Academy is attacked by a demon and is rescued. The members discovered a demon’s nest and tried to inform Trinityia, but their friends were attacked by demon larvae and escaped! Trinityia investigates the scene based on the members’ testimonies, but is attacked by parasitic demon larvae, which plant seeds in her body. Trinityia, who was raped by the larva’s tentacles, manages to escape, but the seeds inside her hatch and her stomach begins to swell. She gives birth to a serpent-like larva, which quickly becomes an adult, and the demon rapes Trinityia, turning her into a nursery. And Trinityia continues to be raped forever. ・・・・

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