GHLS-12 Rion Izumi – Star of Seine


Yulia, the daughter of the previous king, St. St., who was killed in a coup d’état, takes on the name of Star of Ce-Rene, a masked female warrior, and throws herself into battle in an attempt to restore peace to her country. She fights alongside a swordsman who calls himself Black Wildcat, who often saves the day, but is taken prisoner. The new king tortures Se-Rene’s star to make her reveal the location of the blueprints for the meteorological weapon Raijin, which King St. King has hidden away. The star is tortured with bamboo skewers, has electric machines poked into her nipples, is burned with candle flames, tickled to keep her awake, nailed to a cross, flogged, and had lemon juice poured over her wounds, and so on. The torturers then raped her with a dildo in front of the black wildcat. Can the star survive the torture?

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