GHLS-11 Ayaka Mochiduki – Kunoichi Warrior Shinobitekutor MIZUKI Super Heroine Debut


Schoolgirl Mizuki Touma was given the Noble Shinobi Stone in place of her murdered older brother Hizuki to become a Shinobi Tector. It is the first and last tragic battle… The leader of the Ryuuki clan, Ryuuki, who is plotting to take revenge on the Toushin clan, obtain the Shinobi Stone, and destroy the world, uses despicable methods beyond the imagination of Mizuki, who has an outstanding sense of fighting. She was tied up in a quarry and subjected to lewd torture in broad daylight, and even after she fainted, her degradation continued. Mizuki’s mind and body collapse in a series of orgasms, and she begins to cum and squirt out of her pubic region……and then proceeds to the forbidden outdoor execution……Mizuki, who debuted as a superheroine, begs for her life in fear of death….

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