GHLS-04 Momo Haduki – Heroine Real Domination


The Guardian Eagle is a security organization, and Misaki Fujimura is a member of the Third Special Investigation Section. She is dressed in special reinforced armor and works as a Star Gem Rider to protect the peace of the Imperial Capital. Then one day, she receives information about the departure of fighters from the Evil Gate, the Dark Empire, her sworn enemy. SGR brilliantly defeats the enemy, but the next moment, his footsteps start to shake. Then, the enemy general Hazar appears in front of SGR. The map of this country that he makes appear shows…! The combatants are like sandbags, taking millions, or even tens of millions of hostages and completely blocking SGR from touching them. They are ripping the crotch, crushing the waist, and destroying the groin. Domination is visited on SGR one after the other. Her lips turn white from the relentless choking. Hanging upside down, SGR’s eyes lose their life, and a single drool runs from her mouth…Misaki, who has been completely transformed and is now in her school uniform, is further attacked by the rose whip and slap to the face…. …Stand up again! Our Star Gem Riders!

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