GHKR-99 Hikaru Konno – Love Incarnate Regalian, Hellfire the Monster, ed.


Yamato Nadesico, who was given the secret arts of the hermit Ranga and became Regalian, the incarnation of love, was fighting against the secret society Kare Kare Kare Dan to protect Japan. Then one day, a chemical factory is set on fire by an arsonist on Wednesday. Nadesico rushes to the scene, but it turns out that the culprit is Atsushi, who is also from the orphanage! Atsushi, who lost his parents to illness caused by sewage from the chemical plant, became anti-social after their deaths and set himself on fire every Wednesday! Seeing his evil nature, the Kare-Kare-Kare group transforms Atsushi into Hellfire, an arson monster, and challenges him to fight against the Regalians! After a desperate battle, Regalian manages to catch Hellfire, but the people at the orphanage are taken hostage and held captive in the enemy’s hideout. Regalian enters a meditative state to revive his energy, but Ranga, a hermit who has fallen into lust, appears in the meditative world and attacks him. The orphanage’s residents, who have fallen under the spell of the defenseless and lost Regalian, devour his body…

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