GHKR-83 Aoi Mizutani – Heroine Pinch 4 Stories Struggle of Death Mizuho Den


Pinch 1: Rescue the locals from the town thugs!
Pinch 2: Murderous wrestler
Pinch 3: Ikazuchi VS Mizuho
Pinch 4: Shameful fall!
Mizuho is the daughter of the head of the Roaring Thunder Water Mirror School, but she has become a loose shinobi in search of her missing brother, Hien. One day, in order to gather information and search for her brother’s whereabouts, she arrives on the island of Galeria, where the “Struggle of Death,” a dark fighting tournament, is being held. On the way, Mizuho rescues a local who is being harassed by street thugs, and learns from them the location of Ikazuchi, the organizer of the tournament. However, the fighters hired by Ikazuchi to obtain Mizuho’s combat data are waiting for her there. Will Mizuho be reunited with her brother?

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