GHKR-82 Riona Minami, Anri Namiki – Super Heroine Domination Hell 42 Spandexer Sun Angel & Moon Angel


Space Police spandexers Sun Angel and Moon Angel are defeated and beaten to a pulp in a battle against three of the most evil and powerful space yokai humans and scream in agony. Moon Angel suffers the pains of hell until she is incontinent, and a special brainwashing drug causes her to fall into evil and attack Sun Angel. The Sun Angel is outnumbered 4 to 1, the ultimate outnumber, and is savagely beaten. Blows to their delicate groins, incontinence, ravaged and twitching Sun Angel and Moon Angel…! Pirate Zorun, the boss of the three Space Monster Humans, tries to brainwash Sun Angel and tortures her further. What will be the fate of these two…!

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