DFI-06 Rumiko Hasegawa – Beautiful girl figure 06


The evil witch “Mallow” ????? thought she was the most beautiful woman on earth. However, her beauty was no match for the passage of time. ???? To regain her youth and beauty once more, Miaura seeks the virgin blood of a magical princess from a magical land. ???? The third princess, Lumi, is about to face her final test to become a witch… to rehabilitate bad people without using magic. ???? Then ???? magical girl Lumi meets “Osan” who has turned into a slob. ???? Lumi learns of the Mallow trio’s nefarious scheme and sets out to Mallow’s hideout…. However, she falls into a dangerous trap… Lumi is attacked by Mageola in an embarrassing pose…. She panted with virgin blood running down her thighs and her body wiggling so maturely that it was hard to believe that she was a little girl. ???? Will Mallowra’s devious plan succeed? ?????

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