DFI-03 Rei Himejima – Beautiful girl figure 03


I, Rei Himejima, am a Sailor Soldier just like Eri and Mai… I too am working hard to defeat that evil mask! Someone needs my help today! I have to go! Hmph… You didn’t know it was a trap… You came to us all by accident… ????! You’ll just have to wait and see, you little Sailor Senshi! Rei has fallen into a terrible trap, the black magic of the villainous mask has turned Rei into a puppet of the bad guys. Stop, don’t order me to do any more embarrassing things. ???? Oh no, I want to die… Ah, ha~n, uuuh…. Rei is licked and played with by the bad guys in her shameful place. And then, Rei is raped by the villainous mask….

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